Empowering you through food

By making conscious choices, you can make a positive impact in the world.

How can Benoo support your impact through food?

Book a workshop to learn how to cook locally and reduce CO2 emissions by 70% with Benoo

1. Book a cooking workshop

We give you the power to make a difference through food. In other words, you willย  experience cooking with local food and increase your food resilience as a result.

Cooking experience workshops will teach you how to reduce your carbon footprint and save half a tonne of co2 per year for sustainable food resilience

2. Set up a wellness programme

Look after your employee’s health with our wellness programme. By learning to cook with the seasons and using low impact food, you can improve your health while reducing your impact on the environment.

Cooking workshops give employees access to a community platform with recipes made by chefs using local, seasonal and plant-based products

3. Engage with our community platform

Providing your employees with access to hundreds of recipes made by chefs that focus on local, seasonal, and plant-based ingredients is a win-win situation that promotes healthier eating habits and supports sustainable food practices.

Three prioritized UN SDGs

Zero hunger SDG
11 Sustainable cities and communities SDG
12 Responsible consumption and production SDG

Social Development Goals (SDGs) are a call for action by all countries to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. Therefore, by empowering you to make a difference through food, Benoo is committed to the UNโ€™s Sustainable Development Goals above.

"I discovered how to bring local and seasonal ingredients combined in a way I'd never used them before."

– Anna

"We were looking for a convenient way to support local farmers while eating healthy."

– Iris

"Benoo is a weekly happiness of cooking, thanks to the large recipe choice available"

– A happy customer

"The cooking experience with Benoo is to share with friends and family."

– A happy customer

Latest from the blog

In our blog, we reach a wider audience and connect with like-minded individuals who like us share a unique passion for food and community building. It also allows us to share our experiences and insights, as well as learn from others who have different perspectives and experiences.

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