3 easy alternatives to meat to prepare by yourself

Jul 9, 2021

Today, we cannot talk about the environment and eco-responsible behavior without addressing the issue of meat consumption. Whether it is for health, ethical and/or environmental reasons, it is clear that the tendency to want to reduce one’s meat consumption, or even stop it, is on the rise. Today, it is much easier than before to find alternatives to meat. You can even cook them at home! The secret? To be curious and creative! 


Interested? Here are 3 delicious alternatives to meat you can include in your usual diet. Tofu is a pretty obvious answer: but there are many other solutions!


Oat flakes


You have discovered them in this week’s Benoo recipe! When mixed with squeezed zucchinis and carrots and fried in a pan, they become fritters. This is an affordable alternative to meat you can realise by yourself. Furthermore, oat flakes are rich in zinc and iron, and are very healthy, as it creates an immediate feeling of fullness after eating it. In addition, it’s a good solution for gluten-intolerant people.




This is one of the oldest cultivated cereal. The grain is harvested green, then roasted and dried.Rich in magnesium, phosphorus and B vitamins, this cereal has a very intense taste. You can buy spelt flour or semolina easily in your nearby organic food store, and make meat substitutes with it, like cutlets. Caution: this cereal contains a lot of gluten, you should avoid it if you are intolerant to this substance.


Black beans


Here is your source of protein! Black beans are rich in them. They also contain fibers, and are a natural antioxidant. In addition, their taste is delicious! They are used in lots of vegetarian recipes, especially in burgers and tacos. Aand they are gluten free! 


Have you ever used these ingredients as a meat substitute in your recipes ? Do you know other yummy alternatives! Let us know in the comments.