A day at the Wilde Gärtnerei

May 21, 2021

We left early in the morning and arrived by train before 8am in this timeless place of Wilde Gartnerei located in Rüdnitz, a small town of 2000 inhabitants near Bernau. The welcome was very pleasant and we quickly felt at home. We started the day with a circle, where the morning work on the farm was allocated. The team was composed of Sanna and Roberto who run the farm, along with woofers and workers, looking for a meaningful job. They all impressed us with their dedication, hard work and perseverance in living almost completely in autonomy. We quickly forgot about our city habits with the dry toilets! We put on your boots and off we went for a day of Woofing. 

Roberto and I weeded a carrot field while Sana’s team weeded out the nettles that had invaded the beautiful strawberry plants. Only 3 weeks to go and we should be able to taste these wonders! 

We came across the future paprikas, corns, carrots and even the future courgettes that you will soon find in your Benoo boxes. At the Wilde Gartnerei, they like to innovate. They are starting to grow ginger and Kuruma, let’s hope it works! 

In the afternoon, we worked in the greenhouse. We learned so many things such as how to plant mini-broccoli or that onions take 2 years to grow. Oh yes, we also brought back wood for the stove, the only source of heat and also used for cooking. Let’s not forget the delicious  lunch we shared together with other woofers!

What an experience… To be repeated!

You can find Wilde Gartnerei’s vegetables on Fridays and Saturdays at MarktHalle 9 in Berlin.