Story behind St Valentine’s cookies

Feb 18, 2022

This week, Benoo put a special surprise into your weekly Benoo bag : 4 delicious cookies from @bakinginberlin

Want to know more about it?

 “You are special to us”

That’s the message you could read on the sticker that closed an extra packet our customers received in their bags this week. We put a lot of care into them because we wanted to take the opportunity on that special day to thank all Benoo subscribers for their love and support.

To create that surprise, we got help from Adélaïde who does amazing pastries. You can check out her new creations on her Instagram account, @bakinginberlin !


About Adélaïde

Adélaïde is a young French girl who follows a confectioner training. She started baking years ago, but has recently decided to start her own small business. If you’ve liked the cookies or have missed this special week with Benoo, you can order directly from her more delicious pastries on Instagram, Facebook or by email. #supportsmallbusiness

Packing time!

As we are known to be zero waste advocate, she specially brings us the cookies into a Tupperware.

The Benoo team then carefully wrapped them in recyclable packaging and put homemade stickers on top of them.

We really hope that you enjoy our surprise and the backstage story behind “St Valentine’s cookies”.