Benoo’s birthday and Instagram Giveaways.

Here we are. The long awaited moment. We got up with incredible energy. We put on our most beautiful apron and prepared our best knives and pans.

Because yes, we would like to share that this month, Benoo is 1 year old!

One year since our incredible adventure started, to dust off the world of local cuisine. 1 years that our Chef Nicole Hofen and her team are doing everything to make local and seasonal ingredients easier, more accessible and simpler to cook.

And how far we’ve come! It all started in our kitchens, where Benedicte and Oriante, the founders, were working with hundreds of boxes of vegetables, stacked from floor to ceiling! Subscribers would sometimes come by to pick up their boxes and have lunch with the team.

But let’s rewind a bit. Magneto!

Once upon a time, there was Benoo

The story begins in 2019. When arriving in Berlin, Benedicte and Oriante were looking for local and seasonal products to feed their families in order to protect their health and the planet. They decided to leave the world of PR for Benedicte and Business Development for Oriante in order to launch themselves into the world of taste. And not just any taste, but healthy, local and seasonal food.

Very quickly, they notice two things. First, finding good local and seasonal products directly from the farm is often complicated and very expensive. Secondly, cooking local and seasonal food is not for everyone. Turnip, swiss chard, fennel: the kinds of vegetables how to cook them is difficult and sometimes seems inaccessible for most people. There are recipes or cooking classes, but rarely on local and seasonal products. 

At the same time, the box phenomenon emerges as with Marley Spoon or Hello fresh which makes discover simple recipes to improve your daily life.  This is where the bright idea appears: why not launch a recipe box with local and seasonal products?

Benoo‘s mission is to reconnect with local and seasonal products by making them more accessible, easier to cook and simpler to enjoy. No more walking past your vegetables and wondering how to cook them, make way for a taste of the local!  Benoo will make you discover recipes, while delivering the secrets of tasting them in a gentle, educational way and with an eco-responsible and even slightly activist tone. A revolution is underway. 

Only the colour of the apron has changed in 1 year! 

Today, Benoo blows its first candle, with a team of 6 people, 3000 meals sent this year, 135 subscribers and probably thousands of products discovered thanks to the recipes elaborated by our team of chefs. 

The small kitchen/office of the Benoo has been transformed into a small logistics center where order pickers are busy every Wednesday. We continue to welcome our subscribers if they wish to come and taste a recipe with us.

For 1 year, we don’t have the same apron anymore, but we have the same passion: it’s you, the Great Benoo Family. So it’s true, we don’t see each other as much (damn you Covid), but we still have this feeling of moving the world of local, seasonal and organic food with you. Every day, each of us comes up with a thousand and one ideas to surprise you, please you and take you further in the discovery of local products. This is our first motivation and it will always remain so!

So yes, there will be champagne and corks flying, but this anniversary is above all the moment to say it to you between four eyes: THANK YOU!

And how do we celebrate our anniversary?

From 31/10/2021 to 5/11/2021, we will give away 05 Benoo meal kit (with the ingredients to cook a meal for 2 people) to 05 lucky followers on our instagram! 

That’s why don’t miss it and follow our instagram today to get the most up-to-dated information!

We have also released our sustainability report as a part of our anniverary celebration so click here to download and check it out, if you haven’t done it yet!