Benoo Subscription

Delivery Date

Pick up

€ 14

per Meal kit with a meal for 2 people / Week


How does your pick up work?

Delivery is free to the following pickup points in Berlin:


Home Delivery

€ 19

per Meal kit with a meal for 2 people / Week


How does the delivery work?

The Benoo bag delivery in Berlin is fulfilled by Schwester Esther every Wednesday. An order placed on can only be delivered to an address in Berlin.

Benoo Test Package

Try the Benoo box for two or four weeks in a row with no longterm commitment or as a gift it to a friend.

Each Benoo meal kit is a meal for 2 people.

Home Delivery

€ 42

2 Weeks / Meal kits – € 21 per Meal kit

Home Delivery

€ 84

4 Weeks / Boxes – € 21 per Box

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel and manage your scription through your paypal account

The payments will happen at weekly intervals on the day you’ve have subscribed. We always deliver our boxes on Wednesday, so if you want to cancel your Pickup/Delivery make sure you do so one week before the next delivery.

How do I manage my subscription?

Reach out to our customer support team and we’ll refund you the payment of the delivery you’d like to skip.