When we launched Benoo in October 2020, we had a crazy bet: reconnect consumers to local products through a recipe and a meal kit with ingredients to cook with family or friends. In a world where making the right choices for your health and the planet is increasingly a priority, Benoo is the solution to lead farmers to diversify their products to a more organic or sustainable agriculture. 

The Benoo bag was analysed from A to Z, and we are happy and proud to share these results with you. We have collected data from each time we deliver a meal kit and come up with how much each of our customers is contributing to reduce CO2 and plastic a year when using Benoo’s services. Another thing that we want to bring to all of you is transparency. That’s why with our commitment of reconnecting our customers to local products in the most sustainable way, our footprint in the past year can also be found in this report. You can also go over with us all the interesting events about sustainability that we have joined since the beginning of Benoo.

We hope with all our heart that this is only the beginning of a much larger impact and with this report, we bring you closer to us and our operation process. Contact us if you have a question or look for additional information about our report!