Compost workshop

Jan 28, 2022

This week, Benoo participated in a workshop to encourage people to do their own compost with lunch food rest at the office.


Ayumi Matsuzaka from DYCLE introduced the Terra Petra method on BUFA site, where our office is located. Benoo is using that method of composting since almost 1 year.

We collect kitchen waste – such as peelings – from our everyday’s homemade lunch cooked at the office. In addition, we are also recycling all paper bags that are returned from the meal kits that we sold. So all Benoo members contribute actively to our compost.

All of it are kept with some biochar in big compost barrels that allow no air to pass in order to allow a better fermentation process for several months. Learn more about Terra Petra process here. If you are about subscribing, you will receive that pdf file in your Benoo box of February!

When the green waste are getting good fermentation, we put it in a sharing compost container and turn those into soil that will be use in BUFA’s gardens. We stir and water all of it and during that process, you can see that many worms were delight with all the good food peelings we add. They are also working hard to help us have a great soil material. As a last step, we add biochar and cover it with topsoil.

We can’t wait to see what wonders that special booster compost is going to do in BUFA’s gardens. Stay updated for more and meanwhile, enjoy some pictures that were taken this week :