We offer a chicken sponsorship to our customers
Johannes Habel

farmer, Perlhuhnhof in Falkenhagen

How many chickens do you have? We keep between 800 and 1,000 chickens.

What makes your eggs so rich?
We have our own feed production, which is carefully put together for our chickens with a lot of love. We are sometimes creative and try new, great things such as black cumin, which also have a positive effect on our wonderful pasture eggs. Our chickens live in self-constructed mobile stalls that change their location every 14 days. This means that the chickens always have fresh meadows / fresh herbs.

Why don’t you use organic labels?
We work according to our own organic guidelines. All of our free-range eggs are stamped with the original free-range egg. In this way we guarantee, among other things, sustainable organic chicken farming and freshness for a maximum of 2 days.

Do you keep your roosters alive?
With us the male can stay with the female. We keep our chickens according to the so-called dual-purpose chicken principle. We make sure that all brothers of our hens are raised and allowed to lead a happy rooster life. Our dual-purpose chicken can be recognized by the wonderful cream color of the eggs.

Do you put down chickens that have stopped laying eggs?
In principle, we do not put down chickens. They live a happy and satisfied life until the end of their days.

Can we adopt a chicken ?
Absolutely! We offer a chicken sponsorship to our customers / interested parties. You actually take on the sponsorship of a chicken, which you give a name and which you can visit on our farm from time to time. In addition, you get some monthly WeideEi egg points, which you can redeem at all weekly markets with your chicken sponsorship card – individually depending on your needs. Every year on October 3rd we organise a chicken sponsorship festival on our farm for the whole family with culinary surprises. It’s always a great opportunity to learn more about our work.

What is your favorite food / recipe?
I generally like the rough kitchen. For me as a Bavarian, I like fried black pudding in the evening with a rustic farmer’s bread and of course a fried WeideEi egg!

What is your favorite restaurant in Berlin?
The gastro scene in Berlin has developed extremely well and now has a huge selection of first-class restaurants. I don’t want to commit myself to that. For me it is important and nice to know when the dishes are seasonal, fresh and with honest ingredients.

What is your favorite farm in Brandenburg ? A very clear case: mein kleiner Perlhuhnhof in Falkenhagen. This is where I work and, if only very rarely, I sometimes relax. I am happy about all my happy chickens, the calves and my few ponies, who show me every day how beautiful sustainable agriculture can be.

Where can we get your eggs in Berlin? At now more than 14 weekly markets, such as on Boxhagener Platz, Wittenbergplatz, Karl-August-Platz or Maybachufer. We are also represented in some of the trendy cafés and restaurants here in Berlin, which we supply with our free-range eggs. These include starred restaurant “Bieberbau” and the “Diekmanns” in Meinekestrasse, of which we are very proud to count among our select group of customers.

BioBauer Habel

BioBauer Habel

Johannes Habel

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