Our mission at Benoo is becoming more relevant with the new restrictions in place. Like us, you have to spend more time at home, with your family or alone and it’s sometime difficult to keep motivated to make a healthy meal. If you are a key worker, we hope Benoo can help you stay healthy.
From this week on, we will focus essentially on our deliveries on Tuesdays and Fridays.
If you were picking up on Maybachufer, Oriante will contact you shortly or contact us at info@benoo.co so that we can bring your box to you. 

We are looking for new pick up stations across the city and will update you shortly.
All our Benoo testers have been amazing at communicating with us. You are a dream! Please keep telling us what we should improve.

For exemple, some of you may be interested in receiving 2 recipes per week. Please let us know.

Let’s reconnect with our food.