Introducing “Fynn” our new influencer!

Feb 11, 2022

This week, we would like to introduce our new influencer! 👇

Fynn Huch is a young food expert who studied Nutrition Science & Ecotrophology at Fachhochschule Münster.

Fynn conducts a vegan diet for 8 years because he wants to alleviate animal suffering, and pursue a healthier lifestyle. He promotes healthy food on social media for 3 years on his Instagram page  #germanfoodstartups 

He is always looking for food startups who find new sustainable solutions to reduce the CO2 emissions and generally their impact on the environment.

He got Benoo Box for the very first time and really liked the concept. Last week, he shared with us his passion for discovering new recipes, testing different products and also his personal preference for vegetarian food!

After trying our last box, Turnip Schnitzel & warm potato salad, Fynn highlighted the high quality and freshness of the products, the creativity with the seasonality and also the good-sized portions. He iterated that the cooking timing is reasonably short, the process is easy and the taste was just “TOP Geschmack!”

 Germanfoodstartups will help Benoo to boost our visibility on social media channels, connecting us with other food startups in Berlin, giving us precious advice to improve our Benoo box!

You can find Fynn on Instagram:

He will share with his community his “cooking with Benoo” experience every week!

We hope to keep growing together and cooperate more in the future! 🎉