Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have questions about our website? Would you like to learn more about us? On this page, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions that we compiled for you. We will also gladly assist you further if you do not find what you are looking for: Just drop us a line via

How can I receive my Benoo Box ?

First, you need to live in Berlin. Click on the “Get your box” button at the top of the Benoo website. Fill in the form. We will then contact you! 

How much does the Benoo Box cost ?

When you subscribe to the Benoo box, it costs from 14 euros and contains all ingredients to cook a meal for 2 people. When you buy a Benoo box just once, it costs 16 euros which includes 2 euros of reusable packaging.

Can I order for more than 2 people ?

Of course! Just let us know if you’d like a double box weekly or just occasionally. Let us by Friday for the following Wednesday.

Do I have to fill in my informations every week ?

No, you decide how you’d like to receive your box just need to answer the questionnaire once and you’ll receive your box every Wednesday.

What if I want to order just for one week ?

You can do a test for the first week without any commitment! But please let us know and send an email to

How can I cancel or pause my subscription ?

Please send an email to to let us know. Soon, you will be able to do that online! Please let us know by Friday when you want to cancel for the following Wednesday. (ie. 5 days in advance)

When will my box be delivered ?

Once you get your confirmation email from us, you’re set to receive your box every Wednesday during the day. If you wish to have an idea of time, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

What will I receive in the box ?

In your box, you will get a recipe prepared by a chef with all ingredients necessary to cook your meal. Benoo gathers seasonal ingredients from carefully selected regional farmers and other suppliers for you to enjoy a unique culinary experience. 

We ask you to have some basic cupboard items such as salt, pepper, oil, vinegar and sugar.


Can I order for someone else as a gift ?

Yes, of course, as long as the person lives in Berlin, we can send a voucher.

In which languages are the recipes ?

The recipes are in English and German.

Where do the ingredients and other products come from ?

All of our ingredients are coming from local farmers in a 200km radius around Berlin and are easily traceable.

What do I do with the reusable packaging ?

After unpacking everything, keep it aside so that you can return it to us (either driver or pickup point) the following week. We professionally wash and reuse all our packaging.

What If I have allergies ?

For each recipe, there is a detailed list of ingredients, nutritional information and information on the allergens it contains. You can find them on the recipe card and online in the selection of dishes.