Growing zucchinis and tomatoes indoors

Jul 9, 2021


Summer vacation is the time to relax and enjoy your free time with your loved ones. It’s also a time to experiment and discover new hobbies! Why not take advantage of your free time to get in touch with nature and to develop your gardening skills, while eating healthier?  Especially when some summer vegetables, like zucchini and tomatoes, are easy to grow indoors even if you live in an apartment…. 

Here are some simple tips for growing zucchini and tomatoes in the comfort of your home!


The place


No garden? No problem. A balcony will do the trick!  It’s extremely easy to make zucchinis and tomatoes grow there. A living room is also enough to cultivate your veggies.The only important tip to respect is to place your plantations in a sunny place. 


The soil


Since you’re making them grow at home, you have the liberty to choose the soil’s quality and composition. It has to be rich and high-quality to give the plants all the nutrients they need. You can easily find a good soil in Berlin as this city proposes a large choice of places for plant lovers! From gardening centers to home improvement stores, without forgetting the markets, you won’t run out of solutions to find the perfect soil for your zucchinis and tomatoes! Also, do not hesitate to boost your soil fertilization capacity by yourself, by putting some specific food leftovers on it (crushed eggshells, compost, etc). It’s even better, and falls into a zero waste system.


The water


Another essential point: the watering process has to be adapted to your plants needs. For example, tomatoes need to be watered a lot, especially during the first stage of growth, when it’s better to water them daily. After, you can reduce the frequency, and water them once a week. Very important point: they don’t like the rain at all, so cultivating them indoors is the ideal solution! 

Zucchinis also need to be irrigated weekly. Their needs are very similar to those of tomato plants. For both of them, you have to water the soil slowly, in order to make the water penetrate the earth deeply. The best hour to water your tomatoes and zucchini plants is early in the morning.



Specific needs


Concerning tomatoes, they need support! Wooden stakes are perfect to support their branches, especially when they become heavy with fruits. They also require a little help for the flowering process, as the fertilization is normally made by insects outdoors. Indoors, you will have to shake the tomato plants gently to help them with the process! 


Tomatoes and zucchinis are great, but there are many other veggies to grow yourself at home. 

And you? Which kind of vegetables do you like to cultivate at home? Share your experience with us!