Our adventure began with wonderful little trips to Brandenburg in search of fresh produce, in addition to scouting Berlin markets for vegetables growers working with controlled and certified organic agriculture principles.

We were able to launch the concept of the Benoo recipe box after meeting our chef, Nicole Hofen. She took up the challenge of creating vegetarian recipes with seasonal produce exclusively from the region.
In her adorable flat in Mitte we tested incredible flavour combinations and got to know a passionate and committed cook.

To start with, we sold our first boxes on the Maybachrufer market. We met some courageous people and were quickly integrated into the group of cheerful stallholders. Unfortunately, because of Corona, we had to quit the market to concentrate on our deliveries.

We used electric cars and bikes to deliver your Benoo boxes in the last few weeks. We’ve had more encouragement, smiles, positive feedback and advice than we could have ever dreamed of. What we also didn’t expect was the commitment of our betatesters regarding the origin of our products. It was a pleasure to be able to present our egg supplier, Johannes Habel,  and we will continue to highlight them to you.

Furthermore, your commitment to zero waste was incredible. Thank you for playing the game and for returning the small cloth pockets and bags to us so that we could clean them and put them back into the sales circuit.
Of course it gives you and us a bit more work, but it feels so good not to leave any trace of our Benoo box in the sea, don’t you think?

This week we are working with Thomas, the owner of CApperi, who is currently preparing a 3 course Christmas meal for Benoo.

On behalf of the whole team we would like to thank you again for being one of our testers and we are honoured to call you now our customers.