How food brings people together across generations

Feb 15, 2021

Recently, we received an email from a beloved customer who couldn’t wait to receive the next Benoobox. She explained : “Cooking the Benoobox is the rare opportunity I have to exchange with my 16 years old son”. These few words stuck with us and are the reason why we decided to organize an event with a school so as to make families cook and eat together.

It’s nothing new that eating alone leads to feelings of loneliness and isolation. According to STATISTA approximately 90% of Germans’ families think it’s important to eat together as a family. That’s why we, at Benoo, want to bring people back together through cooking. 

Being able to make a dish and share it with the people you love is one of the most universal concepts. We all have to eat, and being able to learn how to make a recipe from your mother is one of the oldest traditions of mankind. It feels really good to learn and hone a technique from your parents and pass it down to your kids & friends. This idea of carrying on an heritage and sharing recipes that have been in your family for generations is something that is incredibly special.

Food gives us a sense of identity: a connection to our past, present, and future. For that reason, eating with your family is an important moment of sharing. The act of sitting down and sharing a meal with other people is a symbol of solidarity. It’s a small act with a not-so-small impact that can lead to beautiful memories.