How to wash the strawberries properly

Jun 25, 2021

It’s strawberry season! The first strawberries in the country have arrived. Good, we love them.


The Korona strawberry is a very sweet species that starts the strawberry season. Fragaria ananassa ‘Korona’ is a popular plant for its remarkable resistance to strawberry diseases, the pleasant flavour of its pulp and the excellent yield of its large strawberries…

The large Korona strawberry has an exceptional taste. The juicy fruit is perfect for jams and desserts.


There is a simple way to wash strawberries without damaging them. Because, just like mushrooms, strawberries are one of those foods that soak up water. If you don’t pay attention to how you wash them, you risk wasting some of them. Discover our 2 secrets for gently cleaning them while preserving their delicious aroma.

Never remove the stems before washing


If you don’t want to feel like you’re eating a tasteless sponge, wash them under water quickly, but above all without removing the stems first. Otherwise, the water will seep in from the place where you removed the stem and soak the strawberry with water.


Wash them in a drainer and a stream of water


To wash your strawberries quickly, the trick is to use a colander rather than a bowl. The water and residue will drain off faster and your strawberries will not be waterlogged. This will help preserve the taste and avoid adding sugar. Simply sprinkle them with a little water while turning them over to remove any remaining residue. Don’t forget to dry them gently. That’s it, you can finally remove the stems and enjoy them in your favourite Benoo recipes.