International Women’s Day

Mar 11, 2022

Not only does Benoo have the ambition to save the planet, but this ambition is also driven by two women, our two co-founders Bénédicte Ennis and Oriante de la Brassine. Could you dream of something more inspiring?

When you think that in Germany, only one in three business start-ups is carried out by a woman, according to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, we say to ourselves at Benoo that we are proud to be part of this third.
I have only been there for two weeks and I can already say how special the working atmosphere is: we work in such a good mood, in empathy for each other, in Béné and Ori’s energy rubbing off on all the team. I was not expecting so much patience, understanding and dynamism, and yet! I felt belonging to the start-up so quickly. Béné and Ori have this way to empower and integrate everyone in the reflection of Benoo’s project, as if they had thought about it with you from the start. You feel that you have a place and a say in the company, you feel equal to them.

It is this spirit, this feminine energy that Women’s Day 2022 gives me the opportunity to celebrate today. To say that there is something special about this company as it is run by two women. That despite the obstacles they encounter, the doubts that seize them, Béné and Ori never let go. For a year and a half since they launched Benoo, despite the sleepless nights, the race for time and a few charred dishes, they have never given up. Their stubbornness, their relentlessness and their dynamism have made Benoo what it is today and for nothing in the world would they change its course. That they are women, that the path can therefore be more sinuous, that does not stop Ori and Béné. On the contrary, they see it as an opportunity to show what they are capable of, and believe me, you would be amazed. This need to redouble their efforts, to fight for their project, no man could feel it as much as they do and turn it into the strength with which they achieve their work.

Of all this, Benoo is the fruit (no pun intended) and the tree will only grow and flourish. In the meantime, beware! 🧡