Interview with Andreas from Frische Kappen

Feb 15, 2021

Frische Kappen was funded by Andreas and Manuel in 2019. They cultivate organic mushrooms on a small farm near Templin in the Uckermark. Their passion for these special forest and meadow dwellers comes from their childhood. Indeed, they say that finding mushrooms while walking outside in nature was and will always be a source of happiness for both of them.


Why did you create Frische Kappen ?

Because we love mushrooms ! They are a very special type of food and watching them grow is a lot of fun ! We see mushrooms as a high quality and extremely healthy vegetable that can be used in the kitchen in many different ways.


How do they differ from the ones we find in the supermarket ?

Because we focus more on quality than quantity. As a small manufacturer with a manageable quantity we pay much more attention to small but crucial details. We harvest at the perfect time and the transport routes are shorter. We deliver our mushrooms ourselves. This way, the mushrooms reach the table faster and are not stored for days at the wholesaler.


Where can we buy mushrooms from Frische Kappen in Berlin ?

You have few options. We own a market stall at Kollwitzplatz on Thursdays and Saturdays. You can visit the Apfelgalerie in Schöneberg, which also sells fantastic apples and pears in addition to our mushrooms. But don’t worry, more shops and markets are planned.


What are your core values ? 3 words to define your cooperative.

Quality, regionality, customer proximity


How do you see the future of agriculture ?

We hope that the focus will increasingly move towards regional products and that we, as humans, will respect the finiteness of the planet. Agricultural land should once again be increasingly in the hands of small farms and not managed by huge companies.


If you want to learn more about their journey & their products do not hesitate to visit their website and give them a follow on the ‘gram !