Interview with Jule Felice Frommet

Mar 19, 2021

Interview with our chef (as in cook) Jule, who prepared last week’s tarte flambée with parsnip, pear, onion and walnuts.

Where do you come from? How do you describe your experience in Berlin ?
I am from Germany, born in the north but grew up in Bavaria, total countryside-life, next to a farm.

They had everything, but the best for me was the apple orchard…. I still love apples, I eat sooo many. I have been in Berlin for 20 years now, still a good place to be, a little bit to full and expensive now, but we will stay. 

But we have a house in the spreewald, a small community, it’s great out there…

What was/ is your favorite restaurant in Berlin/Brandenburg?
I do not really eat out – I have a family (2 kids), we are all vegetarians – and still the best food is cooked by ourselves. And my mother …

What are your favorite farms around Berlin?
My own! This year I will start to grow organic vegetables with a team on Tiny Farms – in Buchholz, Brandenburg.

What is your favorite world food?
Wow, hard question – I really like the Japanese temple kitchen (vegan), but also all food that is with a lots of salad, greens, freshness.

What is your pêché mignon (or little weakness) when it comes to food?
I really love jelly bean, the vanilla flavoured ones are the best!

Any tips you would like to share when cooking local and seasonal produce?

Don’t be afraid of root vegetables ! And also winter vegetables can be very tasty and diverse. And: eat more buckwheat (instead of quinoa)

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