Interview with Julie

Apr 9, 2021

Tell us about you. How long have you been in Berlin, family, work, we’d love to hear your story!
Hi I’m Julie ! I’m French and after living in London, Montpellier and Paris , I moved to Berlin 10 years ago with my partner. I’m a mom of two, both born in Berlin , a  portrait- architecture & documentary  photographer, and a new birth & post-partum doula. 

Why did you decide to join the Benoo adventure as a pickup point?
I met Oriante & Benedicte through les Nouvelles Voix , an association of French-speaking female entrepreneures, and at the workshops Ecocitoyennes (“eco-citizens”: eco-solutions for the every day life) suggested by Elodie Roux. 

What does this experience make you discover?
I was very interested & enthusiastic about the Benoo project from the beginning : good products ,  local farmers, vegetarian meals, eco and reusable packagings … As beta-testers, we were really excited to receive our first boxes .. We couldn’t wait to receive the next one ! 😉 Mainly because of the surprise of the new meal , new ways of cooking familiar products , and the fun of making it together ! 

Do you think that pickup points allow you to federate your community and carry the Benoo message?
As Benoo testers we were already grouping the delivery with two other friends, we alternated for a while, then my address became the meeting-point for more and more Benoo bags . It is really nice to meet the Benoo enthusiasts at the door, chatting about the last recipe, how we managed it and the great products we’d just discovered (the fermented beetroot, the black garlic  …).

Were you buying local before Benoo? How and where?
Before Benoo, I had been buying local through deliveries from Brodowin and Landkorb, at the weekly markets from Kollwitzplatz or Seelower Str. , and at my little neighborhood organic grocery shop, Ostkost.

With Benoo, not only I still discover products I didn’t know (either farms or foods) but I learn new ways to cook them which is great!

Favourite Benoo box ?
My favourite recipe is without a doubt the “Oven squash, Jerusalem artichoke chips and baked apple with spicy onions served with Asian salad”  (this black garlic was a revelation! ), but I loved the Pierogi, the polenta with braised fennel, the millet with sauté-vegetables and cream …. the celery soup … 🙂

Haha, what do we eat tonight ?

Thank you Julie!

Check out Julie’s work:

Julie Meresse – Photography

Instagram: @juliemeresse