Interview with Pati Keilwerth

Mar 1, 2021

Today, we present Pati KEILWERTH, a nutrition coach for children and teenagers. She has a great deal of experience in cooking with young people and prepares regional and seasonal recipes for Benoo.

What was/ is your favorite restaurant in Berlin/Brandenburg?

I really like Frea in Torstraße/ Kleine Hamburger because there is always something new to discover and I like their concept: vegan and zero waste with local or self produced food

What are your favorite farms around Berlin?

With the kids we sometimes went to Dahlem or Brodowin. When I buy at the Eco-Farmersmarket at Kollwitzplatz on Thursdays, I usually buy at Kleiner Hof im Spreewald or Naturhof Gaßmann. 

What is your favorite world food? 

I love Vietnamese Food. Berlin – especially Prenzlauer Berg is full of vietnamese Restaurants. I like going to Chen Che for Tea time when I have friends visiting, because I also like the interior design and the Garden. And District Mot is just vis á vis. It’s all like in a vietnamese filmset and I also like the food. 

What is your pêché mignon (or little weakness) when it comes to food?

Franzbrötchen, Quarkkeulchen and German Cheesecake. I try to eat one of those just once a week. I eat a little piece of dark chocolate though almost every day. That’s my afternoon treat – and I also think it’s kind of healthy 😉 

Any tips you would like to share when cooking local and seasonal produce?

Apart from using the Benoo-Box? Well, for me it’s also sometimes a challenge to only cook with seasonal and local produce and then I get creative. So my tip would be: enjoy the richness in taste and textures and get creative. There is so much to discover and some farmers can help you with some basic recipes. Sometimes I just go through recipes and exchange the couscous with local millet, the lemon with apple-cider-vinegar, the olive oil with rapeseed oil etc. Once you focus on local and seasonal produce a whole new world opens apart of the normal supermarket-food, which mostly is transported to us from other countries.

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