Interview with Samie Blasingame

Jun 10, 2021


Let’s say hello to Samie! 

We had the chance to meet her through the “Food in The City” meetup.

She accepted to share with us her experience in the sustainable food system sphere.


1) Can you present yourself in a few words?

“Hi! My name is Samie. I host the monthly meetup series called “Food in the City” on behalf of Farmlyplace. 


2) What made you become interested in food research?

I became interested in food system research through my work with farming communities in Western Kenya : so, I slowly began to explore and understand the entire value chain, that leads up to and beyond the consumer. Furthermore, as I’m based in Berlin, I am particularly interested in how a city can support a strong regional food system, and in turn, shift global food system norms. 

As we are surrounded by agricultural land in Brandenburg, I see so much potential to inspire more people to connect food and climate and support a more ecologically resilient and socially sustainable food system. 



3) What about Benoo?

I tried Benoo with these aspirations in mind. What I particularly love about them is their strong connection with local farmers, as well as their collaborations with local chefs. In addition, I was positively impressed by the interesting and delicious recipes I received!”

Thank you Samie! You can learn more about Samie’s activity by visiting her professional Instagram accounts: @greenbuzzberlin and @farmlyplace

You can also check her personal account:  @foodinmykiez


Benoo is taking part in the Climavore event organised by Samie on September 1st. The goal is to reflect on the food we eat and the food system we choose to belong to.

If you wish to find out more about this event, check it out here! 

If you wish to register for this event, it’s here!