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Experience sustainable cooking with Benoo


Eating sustainably in Berlin is now possible with the vegetarian Benoo recipe box delivered to your door.


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1. Subscribe to receive your local meal

Seasonal recipe
Vegetarian and local ingredients for 2 people
14 euros a week + 5 euros delivery
(we will soon have pick up point so that you can have no delivery fees

2. Weekly delivery

Every week, your vegetarian recipe box with local ingredients and re-usable packagings is delivered to your front door.

3. Reconnect with your food

No matter how busy you are, you can now fit sustainable cooking into your life.
Benoo helps you consume sustainably. Thanks to our agile technology we connect available farmers products with recipes made by our chefs.

Support sustainable farming

We are sourcing our products from Berlin and Brandenburg. We work with sustainable farmers in the area so that all products are delivered extra fresh your door.

Seasonal recipes prepared by experienced chefs

The Benoo box is a pre-portioned box with a 30min recipe meal created and tested by our Chefs. We challenged them to create recipes with only seasonal products and to make tasty recipes even in cold winter.

Benoo brings local and seasonal ingredients combined in a way I've never used them before.


– Anna.

Benoo is a convenient way to support local farmers while eating healthy.


– Iris

Benoo is a weekly happiness of cooking, delivered to my doorstep.


– A happy customer.

Benoo is a cooking experience to share with friends and family


– A happy customer.

Latest from the Blog

We share in our blog all the Benoo’s adventures. From conversations with our partners to discussions with our clients, we continue to learn and grow.  



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Interview with Pati Keilwerth

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About us

We are Ori and Benedicte, co-founders of Benoo, but also 2 friends with the same problem when we arrived in Berlin with our families. Actually, we really struggled to find local and affordable products near us and we discovered that we are not the only one looking for sustainable food. SO we created Benoo in 2019. We focused on all what mattered to us, some good produce from near us, full of nutrients. We therefore were able to remove any for of plastic packaging only used to