Hello everyone!

Let us introduce ourselves: we are Bene and Oriante, the 2 co-founders of Benoo. 

Our story begins in large cities where people work hard on a daily basis to combine fulfilling personal and professional lives, all while consuming intelligently! 

After several expatriations, in London for both of us, in Japan for Oriante and the USA for Bene, we finally met in Berlin in 2018. 

Co-founders, but above all friends, it is together that we decided to create Benoo.

The initial idea came from a very specific problem.

As mothers of three and four children, and as entrepreneurs, we were looking for an online platform to buy fresh produce that were affordable yet local. This way, we could support the local farming activity in our region rather than supermarkets. The advantages were clear: our eggs, green beans or salads would be delivered to us from the many farmers near us. 

Together, we took action! We launched Benoo in May 2020 targeting the Berlin area. 

Benoo offers an interactive map of Berlin farms where you can buy your fresh products with a few clicks and without any intermediary.

Buying fresh produce from field to plate in one click is a reality with Benoo.