Interview with Mariana – Designer @ Benoo

Jan 29, 2021

We’ve asked a few questions to Mariana about her work as a graphic designer.

What made you want to be a designer ?

I have always been a fan of graphic arts and visual communication. I found my place after taking a short course in graphic design. So I decided to enroll in the Graphic Design college for 4 years.

How long have you been a graphic designer for?

I have worked as a graphic designer since 2006. In 2008, I got my degree from and since then I only work with graphic design but in different areas.

You said on your LinkedIn that “ design can change the world and make real connections between brands and people “, how is that ?

The graphic design has the purpose of translating concepts and attributes into visual symbols that people can relate to. It is the bridge that unites the desires and needs of people with brands and projects that can fulfill this. Designers always seek to combine aesthetics and function. We create by focusing on people and this makes Design (in any area) a society changing agent.

Your best experience as a Designer? 

I don’t have a favorite to put above all. I have already worked with big brands on the Brazilian and international market, but the smaller projects with purpose are the ones that win my heart. Whenever a client shows satisfaction with the final product it fills me with energy. I love my profession and knowing that it brings something good to someone makes me move forward.

When I have a feeling that I’m working on a project that can make the world better is just heartwarming.

Why settle in Berlin ?

I fell in love with Berlin after a vacation trip. It has everything I love : history, culture, design, work-life balance, diversity, green areas, and above all it is super vegetarian and dog friendly.

How long have you been working with Benoo?

Since I met Ori during German classes, we discussed graphic design ideas for Benoo, but things started to get more formal in 2020. Now, I’m taking care of the recipe cards design and occasionally other materials. I genuinely love working for Benoo.

What was the process behind the Benoo recipe design?

My goal is to always highlight the final product, in that case : the recipe photo. The idea is to stimulate the brain’s limbic system in order to create a certain type of emotion. For the Benoo design, I try to generate a craving for the food so as to make it as attractive as possible.

That’s why for every design I create, I ask myself: Which emotions strike out from this design?

What is the value of Benoo that you identify yourself the most with?

The tagline says a lot to me: “Let’s buy local”. In that way, it enables Berlin producers to be more renowned while keeping the local economy running. From micro to macro.

Were you interested in buying local before knowing Benoo ?

Of course! I always try to be as green as possible within my lifestyle. Since I learned about the industrial production and distribution chain I have begun to understand its environmental impacts and how to minimize the damages.

How do you participate in the zero waste challenge that Benoo has taken ?

Applying the 5 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Rot, Recycle.

My family & I come from the countryside of Brazil and these 5 Rs were part of our lives.  It started as a personal need and ended up as an habit to protect the environment.

Favourite Benoo box?

Mushroom and spinach toasts with soft boiled egg and salad has been very popular on my Instagram and in my stomach!


Thank you Mariana for your time. Stay as you are, we love you & your work. If you are curious to see what she is capable of, here is a link to her Instagram. Feel free to check it out :