Mar 1, 2021

What is millet?

Millet is a cereal like wheat and rice and therefore belongs to the starchy family, like pulses, bread and potatoes. It therefore has a caloric and nutritional value (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates) relatively close to that of other cereals (wheat, rice, etc.).

Why eating millet?

Its zinc content makes it effective in boosting the immune system, stabilising various hormones and has an antioxidant role in combating premature skin ageing. Rich in magnesium and calcium, millet contributes to good bone mineralisation and dental health. Millet is particularly appreciated due to its gluten-free and therefore highly digestible nature, making it the new cereal of gluten-free diets.

Where can you find millet in Berlin-Brandenburg?

94% of the world’s millet production is carried out in India, China and Africa, in dry arid areas. But it is possible to consume it locally. Millet also grows locally in Brandenburg. The one you have discovered in our Benoo box comes from @bohlsenermuehle   

How to cook it?

In our recipe we offer you to cook it with beetroot, red onion, olive oil and parsley, accompanied by cabbage and carrots. You can also use it in exchange for couscous, bulgur or quinoa or instead of rice. You can even add some good seasonal vegetables to it and it’s ready ! Let your imagination run wild !