Recipe for Love

Feb 8, 2021

What is the recipe for Love ?


1 cup of romance, 1 pinch of humor, 2 spoonfuls of joy, 1 lb of compatibility, 3 tablespoons of trust, 1 cup of respect, 1/2 lb. of sharing, 1 zest of tenderness and 3/4 cup of patience.


This Valentine’s Day will be different from the others. Indeed Covid-19 obliges us to stay at home and the conviviality of this event will take place in two, but not in a restaurant. This marks the perfect time to dance under the storm and try to discover new qualities about our loved ones.

This is the spirit that we offer at Benoo. We want to reunite people around cooking together, help you to get back in shape and take care of eachother.


Beyond a meal, here’s something to amuse you, rediscover your partner through different questions: 

🎂 What is your best memory with your partner?

💟 What is the one thing you never get bored of?

🤓 Which smiley face best represents you and him/her?

🦸 What superpower would you like to have?

🐙 If you could live in another time, which one would it be?

🤷 Something you are scared to do?


We believe that there is nothing more satisfying than cooking with the people you love. The pleasure of seeing the result after a few galleys is fantastic. Even if it’s not what we expected at the beginning, if it’s done with passion, it will create good memories.