Millet buns with spicy onions and beetroot salad

Recipe by Nicole Hofen

Total cooking time (incl. resting time): approx. 40 min.

Allergen: egg, flour

What’s needed in the kitchen: pan, pots, cutting board, grater, knife, peeler, spatula


In the Benoo kit:

Vegetable stock, Carrot, Onion, Egg, Apple juice, Beetroot, Apple

What you need at home:

Salt,Chili (or black Pepper), Flour (optional), frying Oil, Sugar 


#1: Millet

Wash the millet and cook it with 300ml of vegetable stock (or water)  for 10 minutes. Put a lid on and let it rest for another 10 minutes. In the meantime peel and grate the carrots and peel ½ onion, cut it in dices and mix it with the cooked millet.

#2: Onions

Peel the rest of the onions and cut it in thin half rings, heat up the oil in a small pot, then add the sugar and the chili, after a short time, put the onions into the pot.

Once the onions get a bit of colour, reduce the heat and add the apple juice slowly. If you don’t use chili,then add a lot of black pepper to the onions at the end of the cooking time. Please let it stew during all the preparation time.

#3: Salad

Peel and grate the beetroots, wash and grate the apples and mix with oil, apple juice, salt and pepper.


#4: Millet buns 

Add salt, pepper and the eggs to the millet and mix it very well, after that form flat buns from the millet. Heat up a pan, if the pan is hot, put the oil in the pan, reduce the heat and fry one bun. If they broke, add a little bit of flour, after that fry the rest of the millet, every side for 4-5 minutes.

You will get 6 buns, it will be a rich meal or you can eat the rest on the next day.



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