Lettuce with white asparagus, radish and tofu, served with rhubarb-chive-dressing and baguette

Millet and sauerkraut fritters with walnut and apple dip and miner‘s lettuce

Recipe by Nicole Hofen



In the Benoo kit: lettuce, white asparagus, radish, rhubarb, tofu from Teto Tofu, baguette, chilli

    What you need at home: frying oil, salad oil, whole cane sugar/sugar, salt & pepper, vinegar


    Total cooking time (incl. resting time): 25 min
    Allergen: wheat, tofu
    What’s needed in the kitchen: pan, spatula, pot, cutting board, knife, peeler, blender

    Salad, Rhubarb

    Wash the salad whole and let it drain by placing it upside down on a towel. 

    Clean the rhubarb, cut off the ends –  if it appears to be very fibrous, you may peel it. Cut in pieces and cook the rhubarb with 1-2 tbsp. water until it starts to dissolve. 


    Asparagus, tofu, radish

    Peel the asparagus and cut off the ends. Slice the asparagus in pieces of 3 cm, dice the tofu and cut the radishes in quarters. Heat up 3 tbsp. of frying oil in a pan, add  sugar. Once the sugar has browned, toss in tofu, asparagus and half of the sliced radishes. As soon as the tofu has lightly browned, reduce the heat and fry it gently for another 10 minutes. Add salt, pepper and 1 splash of light vinegar to taste.

    Cooked rhubarb

    Blend the cooked rhubarb with 4 tbsp. of salad oil, salt, 1 pinch of chilli and 3 tsp. of sugar

    Place the salad on a plate, carefully blot off the excess liquid with a paper towel. Mix the fried asparagus, radishes, tofu and the remaining raw radishes with the salad. Serve the salad with baguette and the dressing.

    Advice: Do not throw away the radish greens, they can be used for salads and pestos. 



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