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Recipe by Inés Lauber

Try Benoo’s potato salad for an easy and tasty side dish. It features a delicious dressing, crunchy radishes, sweet onions and tangy tomato pickles – the perfect combination of flavours to make your taste buds dance!



At home: potatoes, radish sliced thinly, few grune jalapeno tomatoes or a few pickled cucumbers, organic stock cube, medium onions, 3 tsp mustard, olive oil, salt, sugar, pepper (to taste), ribwort (Spitzwegerich) or chives or parsley.



Step 1: Cooking potatoes and preparing onions

In a pan boil the potatoes whole (With skin on) on a medium heat, until soft in the middle this should take around 30 minutes, but it can depend. Whilst the potatoes are boiling, chop up one of the onions into dice, place into a bowl, cover with a bit of sugar and salt and leave to rest. This allows for the bitter and strong flavoring of the onion to be soaked up.

Step 2: Making the sauce for the potato salad

When the onions are resting, and the potatoes are cooking you can begin to make the sauce. Prepare the vegetable stock in a cup of hot water and let cool down a bit. Then, add the olive oil, mustard, a bit of the cucumber water and stir until it is at a smooth consistency. The flavor of the sauce can be dependable on your taste so if you want it sweeter add a bit of sugar. Leave to one side.

Step 3: Setting meal

By now, hopefully your potatoes are soft and ready to peel. Peel while hot and chop the potatoes in slices. Place into a large mixing bowl and pour your dressing on the potatoes. You want to pour when the potatoes are still warm as the starch from the potato helps soak up the sauce and create a nice texture for the salad. Add the onions. Let the salad rest (at least 1 hour) and cool down. Slice radishes and pickled cucumbers. Chop the ribwort or chives. Add the fresh ingredients before serving to the potato salad.


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