Pumpkin and lentils with bread and halloumi

Recipe by Nicole Hofen


Ingredients in Benoo bag:

Pumpkin pulp, Red onion, Tomato, Regional lentils, White bread, Halloumi

Ingredients at home:

Salt, 1 pinch ground chili, Fennel seed, 1 tsp. sugar, Rosemary, oregano, 1 tsp. salad oil, 1 tbsp. frying oil, Vegetable stock or water



Total cooking time (incl. resting time): approx. 35 min

Allergy: Gluten and dairy

What’s needed in the kitchen: saucepan, pot, pan, cutting board, knife, spatula

Step 1: Lentils

Cook lentils in vegetable stock or water, until they are done.

Step 2:

Dice the pumpkin, the onion and the tomato and heat up frying oil in a saucepan.

Step 3:

Add sugar and chili into the pan, toss in onions and let them caramelise. Reduce the heat and add pumpkin, tomatoes and herbs. You may need some water to help it cook. Finally, add the lentils and salt.


Step 4:

Heat up the salad oil in a pan and fry off the fennel seed to release the aroma.  Then fry slices of halloumi and bread in the pan, until slightly brown.

Serve the bread with the halloumi on the top.

Recipe Video

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