Pumpkin ravioli with endive salad

Recipe by Nicole Hofen


Ingredients in Benoo bag:

Flour, pumpkin, apple, onion, walnuts, leaves sage, endive salad


Ingredients at home:

Vegetable oil, lukewarm water, sugar, salt, salad oil, apple cider vinegar, pepper, dried chili


Total cooking time (incl. resting time): approx. 40 min

Allergy: Gluten

What’s needed in the kitchen: Measuring cup, rolling pin, oven, blender or potato ricer, mixer with dough hook, cutting board, kitchen knife, cookie cutter, pastry brush, bowl, salad spinner, pot, slotted spoon, nutcracker


Step 1: 

Combine flour, lukewarm water, 2 tsp. oil and 1/2 teaspoon of salt and knead it into a smooth dough. Let it rest for a while.


Step 2:

Cut the pumpkin and the onion into cubes, cut the sage leaves into fine strips and crack the walnuts. Mix onions and pumpkin with the chilli, some salt, ½ tsp. sugar and 2 tbsp. vegetable oil and bake in the oven for approx. 20-25 min. at 200 degrees celsius on a deep baking tray.



Step 3:

When fully cooked, mash with a hand blender. If you do not have one, you may use a potato masher. The filling will be a little coarser then.

Chop one half of the walnuts and fold into the pumpkin filling. 


Step 4: 

Now flour the work surface evely and roll out the dough in portions. Cut out the dough in a circle with a cookie cutter. Brush with some lukewarm water – this works best with a pastry brush.


Step 5:

 Now fill each sheet of dough with a tsp. of pumpkin filling: first place the filling in the centre, then fold over and finally seal by pressing the edges of the dough down with a fork.

Cook the ravioli in a large pot of simmering water or vegetable stock. After around 5 minutes, remove from the water with a slotted spoon and drain.


Step 6: Endive salad

Wash the endive salad, cut into fine strips, spin and drain it. Mix with the chopped apple, the remaining walnuts and the dressing.

For the dressing, mix the salad oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and ½ tsp. sugar. Serve the ravioli with the endive salad in a small bowl.

If you like, you can also fry the ravioli after cooking and serve with grated cheese or horseradish curd.





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