Sustainable and seasonal local food with HOST Berlin

Jun 17, 2021


Let’s discover together a new actor in the Berlin sustainable and local food sphere!

This week’s presentation will be focused on Fabio Sardone, the owner and creator of the HOST cafe in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. Native from Puglia, this enthusiastic chef happily exchanged with us and expressed himself about his passion for sustainable and seasonal food in his recipes.

The beginning of HOST: a seasonal food takeaway in Berlin

“After 9 years of doing marketing, I started HOST in 2018 as a Private Dining & Catering. Last year, I chose to open a cafe in Prenzlauer Berg. That’s how HOST was born! ”

Passionate about seasonal and organic products

“I am really passionate about natural ingredients, supporting organic farmers and small food artisans. It’s because I wanted to share this with the Berlin community that I created the HOST cafe, which is also a seasonal takeaway.

Every ingredient I use in my recipes is seasonal and  carefully selected. All the offered food and drinks are either freshly homemade or provided by selected suppliers from the Berlin and Brandenburg region, sharing the same passion for premium ingredients. I also like to use a specific ingredient to highlight in my recipes.

My core-values are: sustainable, healthy and zero-waste.”

Tell us about Italy!

“When thinking about Italy, I miss a farmers market called “Campagna Amica” which is located in Rome near Circo Massimo: there, you can find amazing products, coming directly from local farms surrounding Rome.

My favorite dish is definitely grilled or raw fish, depending on the kind of species. The fish has to be the freshest available and obviously not overcooked!” 

About sustainable food for the future

“In the future, I hope that more shops will support local organic farmers and food artisans in order to drastically reduce mass-production, improving sustainability and the quality of the ingredients.”

You can meet Fabio at:
Stargarder Str. 68
10437 Berlin

You can also check his Instagram page.