Gut & Boesel (@benediktboesel on instagram) are so clever, they sell some affordable and sustainable Christmas trees! You can pre-order at and pick up on 13.12. at their premises in Alt Madlitz.

Why “regenerative”?

At Gut&Boesel, they head their trees at a height of 1,80m. These cut-off tops are sold as a Christmas tree. The remaining trunk of the tree remains and serves as a climbing aid for blackberries which they have planted between the trees. The valuable thing about this approach is that the remaining part of the tree lives on and forms a new leading shoot. After about 7 years, they harvest this leading shoot again as a Christmas tree and the process starts all over again, without ever killing the mother tree and, of course, without harmful soil cultivation and the use of synthetic fertilisers.

You can select the size of your tree (S til 1,5m 35€, M til 2m 40€, L til 2,5m 45€, XL til 3m 50€ ) and if you want a Nordmann fir, a Pine or a Spruce. When you pick up your tree on the 13.12, you will also have the chance to buy some local organic products, such as eggs, potatoes, juice and meat. only cash.

You can fin all the necessary information on the document below or by contacting them at: (English is ok!)