Teto Tofu : Sustainably Produced Tofu In Berlin

May 12, 2021

This week you discovered tofu in the recipe. This one comes from Teto Tofu, so we took the opportunity to ask them some questions. Thank you Joscha for your answers !

Why and when did you start Teto Tofu ?

After experiencing smooth and wonderful fresh made tofu in Japan we didn’t want to miss it in Berlin. But because we couldn’t find it here, we started to make our own tofu. Convinced of the product, we went back to Japan to learn in japanese tofu manufactures the traditional way to make the best tofu. In 2019 we decided to share what we learned and launched Teto Tofu.

How is your tofu different from those found in supermarkets?

First, our tofu is fresh made in the traditional way and sold in reusable glass jars. The traditional way means that we cook the whole soy pulp before pressing out the soy milk. This is more work but enables more flavour and keeps the good nutritional values. In the (organic-) industry, they get the soy milk from the raw soybeans and then heat up only the soy milk. This makes a huge difference in taste and texture. And at the supermarket you only get tofu in plastic and often transported over long distances causing unnecessary polution. We deliver our fresh tofu with our teto tofu cargo-bike.
Where can we buy your product in Berlin?
We don’t have our own shop yet but you can find us every Saturday at the weekly market at Boxhagener Platz. You can also get our tofu in several shops in Berlin. For all places, check out our website.
What are your core values?
Freshness, we believe in fresh products. If you buy Teto tofu, eat it within a few days. It’s better for the taste, nutritional values and your fridge.

Sustainbility, means for us: product, production and logistic supporting a grandchildren-friendly future for all.

What are your favourite recipes with Teto Tofu? Or the best tips for cooking it well? 

To point out three versions to experience the wonderful tofu taste:
1. Cook the whole tofu in salted water for 3 minutes. Let it cool down and eat it cold with soysauce or use it for further cooking.
2. Teto Tofu squares in a home made miso soup. Make the soup and put in the tofu just a few minutes befeor serving.
3. Fried tofu slices. Ad only salt and papper and use a good oil. Serve it with grinded fresh ginger.
How do you see the future of agriculture?

This is a big question. To enable the agri-turnaround that we urgently need, it is important to use more soil friendly methods. It is a very helpful to integrate soy in the crop rotation part because as a leguminosae, soy self fertilizes the soil. To support farmers in Germany to use this wonderful plant we buy our soybeans from german farmers. 


Teto Tofu
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