The Benefits of Dandelion and its multiples uses

May 28, 2021

Dandelion, commonly eaten in salads, is also traditionally used for its medicinal properties. The root of the dandelion has been used since ancient times to treat digestive and liver disorders, while its fresh leaves are used in detoxification cures.

Nowadays, it is the whole plant, root and leaves, harvested and dried before flowering, which is used in the composition of supplements

Dandelion serves as a dietary companion for fasting cures and enriches numerous dishes, from soups to tea to coffee substitutes. Since it has a draining and mild laxative effect, it is therefore used to cleanse the kidneys, especially when the consumer has kidney stones. Dandelion is also used for liver and bladder problems. It can even help with joint pain and wear and tear on joints and intervertebral discs thanks to its beneficial ingredients.

The flowers of the dandelion brighten the mind, and it is believed that they help clear consciousness and teaches contentment and self-esteem. In care products dandelion flowers help dry and cracked skin to heal itself and relieve joint pain, sore muscles and tension. These skin care products can easily be prepared at home after harvesting a handful or two. The flowers are generally dried then put in a recipient oil (like grapeseed oil or sunflower oil) for a couple weeks. The oil can then be used directly on the skin or mixed with beeswax to make it into salve.