The HavelMi Cooperative Needs You!

May 7, 2021

Regional, organic, fair trade and tasty, we have tested the oat milk of the HavelMi cooperative several times in our recipes, here and here. We also went to meet them in February to discuss and see their production site. Today, the cooperative is evolving and it needs you! 

The cooperative’s products are regional (Bioland oats and Brandenburg salt), vegan and certified organic. The first product, the organic oat drink HavelMi, has been successfully marketed in organic specialist shops since July 2020. Today, demand is growing and the cooperative is evolving. The team is moving to new premises this year and they need your support! Because the brand is becoming known beyond Berlin thanks to all their fantastic customers, which also means new demands: “A new production site is urgently needed. Our employees will find more space, more pleasant working conditions, better production quality and a saving of resources. We will be able to realise this expansion in 2021, if new members strengthen the cooperative financially. “

The company’s founder, Paavo Günther, is keen to keep Havelmi public, fair and ecological. This is why the company was founded as a cooperative, which has important advantages for employees, suppliers and customers. “People who become active in our cooperative contribute to a regional ecological network and benefit personally and ideally through the promotion of innovative products.”

Unlike conventional business models, HavelMi focuses on sustainability and participation. Members can influence the company structure, production decisions and marketing channels. In addition, the purchase price for comrades is considerably reduced (setting up subscription collection stations, combined with cargo bike logistics). However, the ultimate goal of the company is social and ecological efficiency (post-growth). The fact that food is not only a private, but also a political matter is a major concern of the co-operative’s comrades-in-arms. For this reason, objectives that go beyond production, such as the participation of civil society, biodiversity and the reduction of VAT for products suitable for grandchildren. Projects that are active in such a significant way can have their cause printed on special stickers on each glass bottle. 

Since its foundation, HavelMi has also cooperated with Regionalwert AG Berlin-Brandenburg to develop local or regional projects, production and marketing structures with high ecological efficiency.

If you would like to support them and become a member of HavelMi, you can find all the information online at

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