Did you know that 35% of people living in Berlin have foreign roots?

Although Berlin-Based Benoo promotes regional and seasonal food, we, as a team, are proud to be part of diverse groups and origins. 

So this week, we would like to bring a recipe from a new country: India. 

Indian cuisines in general have a lot to offer – especially the vegetarian varieties. We’ve been wanting to take you there for a while but finding local spices that could resemble those of this beautiful place has been a real challenge. Until we found SoulSpice!

SoulSpice is a new organic spice company for people who care about good food with a good purpose. They work directly with farmers and grow the spices we selected in Germany. 


With our Chef Swati on board, we succeeded in this challenge. Swati told us that her first experience eating in an Indian restaurant in Berlin was that they are accustomed to German taste buds, while in reality, Indian food in its authentic form has a lot to offer both to our taste buds and to our health/soul. 

Her cooking is tasty, very aromatic and exquisite. She is on a mission to bring those original Indian flavours to Germany where we will experience completely new flavours of authentic traditional food. 

With Benoo, she had the additional mission to cook with seasonal and regional ingredients.

It is with great pleasure that we present you this week’s new recipe:

Daily at Benoo, we encourage urban communities to cook with local and seasonal ingredients. Why? Simply to lower the impact of our food system. By using regional fresh ingredients, we shorten transportation, avoid the use of plastic and reduce food waste. We have calculated that a meal cooked with local ingredients can be up to 2/3 less impactful than a normal meal cooked with ingredients from a supermarket.

Why don’t you try to make it a weekly habit?