People are often dealing with the challenge of combining the convenience of food products delivered to their place of desire, with the security that the products are clearly environmentally and socially fair in terms of production, transportation, storage and delivery.

Benoo is aware of the issue and is committed to providing worry-free meals. The concept of a worry-free meal is to provide our customers easy access to our services with transparent and traceable information about every product we supply through the Recipe Box regarding the supplier’s location, for instance. It ensures to our customers that our objective to source products from the local market within a range of 100 Km is being achieved.

We are already working towards the next steps to bring more interactivity to the tool, and enable the disclosure of more information regarding the production process and sustainability aspects, including the CO2 footprint related to transportation, thus contributing to building a more transparent and traceable supply chain.



Currently, we are backed by a concise group of suppliers in Berlin-Brandenburg, composing a very reliable first line of supply producing around 200 different products that can be sourced depending on the season.

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