Vegan mayonnaise with Sunflower seeds

Mar 19, 2021

Every week brings a new local challenge. Last week’s discovery in the Benoo box was a recipe for a vegan mayo with sunflower seeds. Have you ever tried it? It was a first for us and we were surprised by both the delicious taste and texture. My children actually thought it was just like the real stuff. 

You need about 55g of sunflower seeds. The recipe is simple: crush the seeds well before you add some water to create a nice paste. Use a blender to gradually incorporate the oil to the paste. It will soon turn into a smooth and delicious mayonnaise. Finish it up by adding vinegar, salt and another secret ingredient. You can find the full recipe here . 

Sunflowers seeds were the main ingredients and as usual we were determined to source them locally. Keit bakery in Berlin who has a similar approach to Benoo, local and only local, supplied the seeds after a long search!

We first checked the bio supermarkets for inspiration. Surprisingly, none of sunflower seeds packets on sale had German origins, let alone from the region.

We kept looking and talked to Biokorntakt, a large supplier of organic raw food in Berlin.  We found out that Germany doesn’t grow much seeds. We rbing them from Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Hungary, etc.).

So we kept looking and found Syringhof, a farm in Brandenburg. They produce sunflowers seeds and pumpkin seeds. Eureka! They are one of the only producers in Brandenbourg and have an online shop. Well done them. That’s how we connected with Keit who use their seeds in their bread.

Keit Bakery is established in Friedrichshain and Shöneberg. 

By the way have you tried their bread?