Victor Joins Benoo as Sustainability Data Analyst

Jun 22, 2021


Let’s welcome a new trainee: Victor joins Benoo as Sustainability Data Analyst. Today, he explains to us why he chose to take part in the Benoo adventure.


Where does he come from?


Victor is an architect from Salvador, Brazil. Furthermore, he is supporting Benoo as a Sustainability Data Analyst.


A fascination for the environmental problematic 


Since he has always been fascinated by the interaction we have with the environment, Victor explored this through means such as observation, artistic, but also expression and activism.

Finally, he decided to complete this experience with a career in Architecture and Sustainability. 


Academic cursus


Victor holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Urbanism and Landscaping. In addition, he is currently pursuing a MBA in Building Sustainability from the Technical University of Berlin. 

Moreover, Victor also worked on urban development in his home country as well as an architect and designer for private clients.

In addition, he worked in Berlin as a research assistant promoting renewable energy access for low-income communities in developing countries.


Victor’s goals


​To conclude, Victor’s personal and professional goals are to:

  • Firstly, to embody the approach of conscious architecture and design in his work;
  • Secondly, to explore possibilities for a better collaboration between humans and nature;
  • Finally, to empower people and societies to be more active in the way they shape their living environment. 


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