Welcome Asma!

Aug 5, 2021

For this month of August, le’ts meet Asma, our new intern! She will share with us a few words about herself.

“Hello everyone!

My name is Asma, I am from Marseille, a Southern France city.

I joined the Benoo Team recently and I am glad to spend my summer with them! I am a curious person : indeed, I have multiple and diverse interests such as : sport, travel, cinema, drawing… and obviously, food!

I love evolving in a multicultural environment, and for that, Berlin and Benoo are the perfect place to experience it. I studied urban planning, I am also interested by all subjects related to communication and environment.

I choose to join Benoo because its values match perfectly mine : consuming responsibly and locally. Furthermore, as I vegetarian, I can only support  Benoo’s project!”


Welcome Asma, we hope you will enjoy the Benoo experience to the fullest!