Welcome Zahra !

May 28, 2021

This week, we welcome Zahra to the team. She is a seasoned Project manager with experience in business development as well as a language enthusiast who speaks 6 languages fluently.

Currently, she is pursuing a vocational training in Berlin as a Foreign languages correspondent. Polyvalent and full of ressources, we discovered Zahra as a person with a strong character, with a good team spirit.

Beside her studies and current internship at Benoo, Zahra is very manual, “I love painting and experimenting with various mediums, like ceramics or glass. I also make some handmade jewellery” she says.

After having worked in many corporate environments, Zahra chose Benoo for her internship in order to go back to what she calls “the good old days”. She mentions: “my first ‘real job’ was in a startup based in UEA, and I stayed there for a few years. It was a lot of “floater” work, meaning that I basically had my hands in every pot. It’s definitely the job in which I’ve learned the most and I think I am at a point in my life where I want to consolidate the skills I already have but also acquire new ones and make fresh experiences”.

Another reason why Zahra joined Benoo is her stand on ecological questions. Among other things, she tries to limit her carbon footprint by making her own cosmetics and cleaning products from basic household items and plants. She says “I wanted to spend these few weeks in a meaningful way, and I think that Benoo is exactly at the intersection of being a place of learning and a place of values”. 

Discover Zahra’s art on her Instagram page @zee.crafts.s