Where can you harvest your own fruits in Berlin?

Jul 2, 2021


If you are a Benoo subscriber, you know how important the quality of the products is to make healthy and delicious recipes. Fruits and vegetables, in particular, need a lot of attention. Who hasn’t complained about a bland, tasteless, or pesticide-laden fruit? But sometimes it’s hard to know where to find and buy local goods, especially when you live in the city. However, there are many places in Berlin to look for local fruits and vegetables! Here are some of them.


Neumanns Ertegarten


Here is a place where you can pick up your summer berries! Following the seasonal calendar , the Postdam-located Neumanns Erntegarten offer a nice selection of berries for each month of summer, while giving precisions on the period of the month where it’s possible to harvest them yourself. For this month of July, they offer cherries, red currant, black currants or gooseberries. In August, you will find there some aronia berries, raspberries and plums to pick, and the first grapes of the year.

Address: Am Heineberg 2
14469 Potsdam
Phone number: 0152 320 142 08

Mail: info@hofladen-potsdam.de


Hofladen Lienert


One hour drive from Berlin, this farm proposes a large choice of fruits: there, you can find sweet and sour cherries, apricots, peaches, plums and tomatoes (yes, tomatoes are fruits!) The fruits are pickable from the field, the trees and the bushes. Don’t forget to grab your bucket before you get there!

Address: Hofladen Lienert
Neue Chaussee
14641 Wustermark
Phone number: (0170) 8147079 or (0160) 97773235
Mail: kontakt@hofladen-lienert.de

Obstgut Marquardt


The Obstgut Marquardt is another farm located in Postdam, with the possibility to harvest some delicious seasonal fruits during summer. Sweet and sour cherries, plums, peaches and other local products can be found here. But wait, there’s more! You can also enjoy the delights of their homemade products, like jam, honey and self-produced liqueur and brandies. Yummy!

Address: Dorfstraße 10    
14476 Potsdam OT Satzkorn 
Phone number: 033208-57718
Mail:  obstgut@t-online.de


Do you know other great places when you can harvest your own fruits in summer? Don’t hesitate to share some tips in the comments below!