Who is behind the fermented beetroots? Interview with Olaf from Schnelles-Grünzeug

Feb 8, 2021

Why and when did you create Schnelles-Grünzeug?

Schnelles Grünzeug was founded in 2014. Before that, I ran a precursor nursery for 16 years under a different name. It was called Essbare Landschaften “Edible Landscapes” and was extremely well known in the German-speaking top gastronomy scene.

With the new nursery, I am continuing the tradition of edible landscapes. In other words, we collect edible wild herbs, flowers, rare aromatic herbs and the best vegetables we can find. All of this is done outdoors and in unheated foil tunnels. 

The aim is to produce the highest quality & variety of products possible with minimal effort. The diversity of our vegetables is also reflected in the fact that we strongly promote diversity in our environment. For example, we plant wildflower meadows, plant avenues and hedges, and this year we are establishing a meadow orchard in the form of a forest garden.

Where can we buy Schnelles-Grünzeug products in Berlin? 

As long as the packaging issue is not solved satisfactorily, we sell our products mainly in the online shop. However, we are in constant exchange with the delicatessen “Vom Einfachen das Gute“. 

We will start there in Berlin.

Tell us something about your packaging. Why do you choose plastic instead of jars?

We are repeatedly asked why we pack our ferments in a plastic bag. And I have to admit that it touches my conscience every time. And then I recall the arguments that led to the choice of this packaging. The result is always the same: the choice was the right one! From almost every angle:

  • from that of  health .
  • from that of the  environment .

If you’d like to know more.

What are your core values ?

For every piece of land I cultivate, I want it to leave it more diverse and fertile than I found it. I feel environmentally conscious and realistic about my creativity.

How do you see the future of agriculture?

We need an agriculture that offers answers to many of mankind’s big questions. 

The pivotal point is to increase the quality of our soil. The big concern for us is the lack of humus. If we add more of it, our soil will be more fertile, prevent erosion and fix the CO2 level. 

However, this is only possible on land with diverse vegetation. That is to say, agriculture can reverse the extinction of species, slow down climate change and feed people healthily.

One thing is certain in all this: sustainable is not enough.

Gärtnerei Schnelles Grünzeug,

Olaf Schnelle

Dorow 8

18513 Grammendorf

Telephone: +49 157 71 46 09 65

Email: os@schnelles-gruenzeug.de