Zero waste and sustainable!

Jan 8, 2021

At Benoo, we communicate extensively on our delicious recipes. Today, we share with you our strategy to stay environmentally friendly.

Reusable containers:

We stick to a 0 waste and 0 plastic policy, from vegetables to cheeses (yes!). 

And that at every stage of the chain, from producers to consumers. We choose suppliers who agree to deliver to us in reusable containers and support them in this process if it is a whole new approach for them. 

On the customer’s side, our philosophy is the reverse deposit. Impossible to do the food shopping for a family with a 1€ deposit per product purchased. To make 0 waste accessible, our customers pay for their products and we provide reusable containers free of charge. We believe in their commitment and good will. And it works, we have an excellent return rate! 

Our commitment: zero disposable packaging and zero deposit fees.

The Local in a jar:

We have chosen to work only with producers in our region, i.e. within a radius of 200km from Berlin. This allows us to offer extra-fresh, ripe-picked produce, to limit the impact of transport and to keep the local economy going! 

Most of the time we work directly with them, so as to limit the middlemen and also because we like to be in contact with those who are responsible for what we then put on your plates! Like you, we like quality produce, for the pleasure of the palate, for our health and for the environment, so we choose environmentally friendly production methods that respect both the environment and mankind.

Our commitment: 100% of our products come from the region and are produced organically or in a similar way.

Simplifying zero-waste shopping and inspiring the use of local products:

The Benoo box combines the practicality of a new recipe every week with the pleasure of discovering quality local products in the right quantity and with zero waste! You register for Benoo online and we take care of the rest.

The choice of 0 waste and the absence of a physical shop, allow us to offer you competitive prices that will remain so. 

Our commitment: 0 waste, 0 stress!

One ambition: impact 

Inventing tomorrow’s consumption could only be done within a company that is entirely responsible. We challenge every decision with regard to its environmental and social impact! That’s why we deliver the right amount of products you need for your recipe and why we are working on our stock management to fight against food waste. And it works! 

All this commitment is possible thanks to the ton of love and likes we have received from our beta testers and customers and even from all those who support us in Berlin and beyond!